How it Works

Quick guide to get you started

How self storage works

We like to keep things simple when it comes to Self Storage and our simple booking system will help you start to store your goods with the minimal fuss and stress.
All goods stored in our facilities must be well packaged and protected from unforseen circumstances, we suggest boxing your goods and using dust sheets and protection for furniture and white goods.
Due to the industrial environment of our facility dust is produced from moving vehicles and continual movement of goods and people so a few old sheets should help minimise additional cleaning when finally removing your goods from storage.

calculate storage space

Calculate what size unit you require

We have a varied selection of different size units, the bigger the unit the more expensive it becomes, our units start at just 25 sq foot that measures 5 foot x 5 foot and is suitable for small storage of goods, our largest units can hold a couple of garages worth of goods. Work out what is most affordable and suitable for your needs, remember you are paying for the stoirage so is that item really wanted??
If you are unsure exactly of the size required, thats no problem, we can squeeze you into a larger or smaller unit as required for your needs, subject to availability.

contact our team

Contact our team to book your unit

You can contact our team during working hours to book your unit or ask any questions you may have.
Please use the contact page on the website for full contact details, we have an online booking form which you can access using the Book your Space button above.
Or you can email us or call us during working hours to discuss your options, pricing and availability of our storage units.

arrive at self storage

When you arrive

Report to our reception area upon arrival at the storage facility.
Our team will need to fill in a short form, photocopy your ID and take your deposit and first months rent.
Once the paperwork has been completed you will be shown to your unit where you will place your goods.
You can then use our selection of trolleys to move your goods to your storage units.
Once your unit is filled up, you will need to lock it, please note you will need to supply your own padlock for security reasons our staff do not have any access to your personal storage unit.

self storage payment

Paying for your unit

Once you have moved into your unit and paid your first months rent we will advise how future payments must be made, we can accept payments by card, cash or bank transfer, we can also accept direct debit payment.
It is important to ensure your payments are made on time in order to keep your unit, you will receive reminders if your payments are late.
Continual late payments could result in refusal of access to your unit and/or cancellation of our self storage contract and in extreme cases the sale of the unit contents.

self storage access

Access to your unit

Once you have moved into your unit you can visit at any time, we will issue you with an access code that will give you 24/7 access to your self storage unit, the access code will work when your account is up to date, any arrears or account problems will invalidate your access code.

what can i store

Storage restrictions

We have certain restrictions on what can be stored in our self storage units to protect our staff, customers and the environment.
Below is a list of some of the goods we cannot store:

  • Hazardous Goods
  • Radioactive Goods
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Goods
  • Fuel
  • Gas or gas bottles
  • Tobacco
  • Batteries
  • Oils